The privacy of her clientele is of paramount importance to Marion, so names are purposefully withheld from the testimonials below.



Dear Marion, I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your wonderful class and for sharing your wisdom with me. You have left a lasting impression on me. From your class I learned how to approach life with greater confidence and positivity. I look forward to seeing you at Circles and taking more of your classes in the future. ~ Janet S., Philadelphia, PA


To Marion it is not about the credentials, it is about coming from the heart, but make no mistake about it - her extensive training in multiple disciplines would be considered the equivalent of several Phd’s. Her years of experience as an Energy Pioneer have fostered a wealth of knowledge so you must be ready for the truth. Truth is not always easy to hear, but when you want to move forward - it is what you need to accept to get there. ~ Michael McQ., Willow Grove, PA



Special thanks to Marion for her knowledge and powerful guidance throughout our session. We were all empowered by connections.  Even a full moon illuminated our way!!  May your day be peaceful, as the sticker Marion gave us suggests. ~ Natalie, Newtown, PA



An individual session with Marion will undoubtedly include multiple disciplines as she serves to guide you in releasing what is no longer serving you to embrace more for yourself. Her gentle, yet straightforward approach is direct and to the point, addressing the places emotional and energetic wounds are dormant in the body. A typical session includes a combination of modalities covering 30 years of extensive training. Commonly, Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Reiki are used with One Brain techniques to unlock the cellular memories, diffusing the negative emotional charge. Through muscle testing, Spirit Guidance and Intuition she is guided to serve your highest good meeting you where you are on your journey. ~ Steve R., Philadelphia, PA



I loved your Meditation Class.  Before I took your class I always wondered "Am I doing this right?"  Thank you for teaching me that there's no wrong way to meditate.  I appreciate all your tips on how to get the most out of meditation. ~ Lisa, Warrington, PA



I just wanted to take the time to thank you for teaching so many great classes.  I particularly enjoyed your Thriving in Chaos class.  I appreciate your down to earth, optimistic approach to dealing with daily stress.  I felt comfortable participating in class and sharing private information.  You kept the class light hearted even when we were sharing private information.  I've applied some of your tips at the office and at home and I see a positive difference in my life.  I feel more relaxed and happier.  I plan to take more of your classes. ~ Mindy, Hatboro, PA



Marion has been the only person that I have met that has the gift of guiding you to let go of pain, break chords of anger, and lead you to give you the gift of forgiving others which is really a gift to yourself. ~ Terri, Hatboro, PA



Marion is nonjudgmental and is very resourceful in a group setting and on an individual level. ~ Lynn C., Doylestown, PA



She has helped me to focus on giving time to myself which in turn benefits my husband and kids. ~ Evelyn, New Hope, PA



After struggling with a relationship, I signed up for Reiki 1 which enabled me to control my feelings and helped put me at ease almost immediately. I learned about positive energy and how to apply it to help both myself and others. ~ Lisa, Hershey, PA



I was raised with this different way of life, learning that the mind can acheive much more that what we are taught in traditional education. Through Reiki, I've

learned that I can take all feelings and qualify them with positive thought which helps make better results in my day to day life! ~ Joyce, Souderton, PA



I've learned that Reiki can help people discover their inner self through guided energy. ~ Tom, Horsham, PA


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