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One Brain™️ unlocks cellular memory to get to core issues which were buried long ago. Since cellular memory begins before birth, there is no way to know what may e hidden within. This innovative process can bypass months of traditional therapy because your body is the guide. It knows where emotional components have been disguised underneath pain and wounds. By addressing pain at the core, the positive aspects of self which were hidden under the pain are revealed as well. 





ONE BRAIN™ is a innovative and unique approach to locate and correct stressors that may be causing dyslexia, fears, or anything that is limiting you from creating what you want for yourself. According to the system, by locating the experience that created the emotional "issue" and defusing it, you can rid your body of the limitations that stand in the way of many life goals.


We humans make the mistake in believing we are in conscious control simply because we are conscious. The One Brain™ system acknowledges the idea that if stress occurs when learning something new, it can become an essential part of that action and, in response, interfere with one's ability to perform. Founder and creator of Three in One Concepts, Gordon Stokes wrote an award winning book entitled Without Stress Learning Can Be Easy.


Marion became a Certified One Brain™ Facilitator-Teacher after completing Six Levels of One Brain™ with Gordon Stokes in 1989.


Contact Marion if you would be interested in an individual session or if you would like to host a workshop.


email:  or call: 267-884-4034


Servin Bucks & Montgomery County, PA.

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