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Marion is a team member of the Accelerated Growth Program at Christi International. Of Marion's particular gifts they have said:


From humble beginnings, Marion has pursued life’s larger questions her entire life. Unlike other professional Energy Pioneers who focused on one modality, Marion has remained a steadfast student of life and learning. For over 30 years, Marion has studied and received certification in a multitude of approaches to healing, including: Reflexology, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Somatic Emotional Release, Process Acupressure, Hypnotherapy, Ho’Oponopono Trainings, One Brain Integration, Reiki and she is even Ordained as an Interfaith Minister from the Circle of Miracles School of Ministry. Her varied experiences and comprehensive education allow her to integrate multiple disciplines for individuals to shift old patterns of belief and adopt new ones.


The Guides Perspective:

Marion is gifted in word, energy and relief as a humble being with great reverence and respect for all beings. Her direct approach and straightforward speaking allow her to touch the hearts of those willing to open to new experiences and possibilities. She will always honor where you are, while she attempts to present where you can be. Uniquely working with the emotional bodies of the self, she releases their entrapment at the cellular level.


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