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Where are you in your own way, feeling stuck, overwhelmed, thinking the chaos will not end? That’s where Marion can guide you to recognize the symptoms of long-standing emotional suppression. What you think the is problem, may only be a symptom guiding you to address a deeper issue that isn’t visible at the surface. Release it from your cellular memory, so you can be free from the distress on all levels. 



Why Choose Alternative Healing with Marion?


Marion is the Chief Overcomer of Obstacles. As a straight-shooter, she is honest, authentic and uses humor to guie people past their pain, struggles and obstacles into clarity. Individual sessions with Marion are life changing expereinces. Long held emotions which have been suppressed or repressed in order to survive are released providing freedom from pain, frustration and overwhelm. 


Getting stuck in denial is a common problem people face, without knowing it's happened. Imagine trying to fix a problem over and over until you are so frustrated you want to give up? With Marion as your guide, you don’t have to struggle because she’ll help you identify the actual cause of the problem. You can be sure - she is not going to see it the way you do. In fact, that is exactly what makes her work so effective.


She analyzes and assesses what you can’t for yourself then explains it in a way that is simple and easy to understand. From her perspective, the emotional repression beneath the surface of "your problem” is the actual problem which leads to cycles of sabotage, fear, chaos, pain and other challenges. When you need to navigate an obstacle - Marion is the go-to person. 




What Can I Expect During An Individual Session?



While every session is unique based on what needs to be addressed, there is an overall formula that Marion relies on to ensure the success of her clients. Her specialty is releasing emotional pain from the cellular memory of the body, so typically 3 sessions are needed.


Stage 1: Analysis and Assessment - Marion Style

The first part of every session is an analysis and assessment to determine the actual cause of the presenting problem. Without understanding what is going on beneath the surface you won’t be able to address the symptoms that appear to be the problem. 



Stage 2: Assistance

Then, Marion pulls from her vast tool box of modalities to diffuse and release the energy, emotion and pain at the core. While this might sound scary, it’s the relief phase as cellular memory is released! Clients finally recognize their own denial of emotions that were related to the past and were been preventing successful actions in the present. 



Stage 3: Application

Now it’s your turn to apply the newfound knowledge, understanding and tools into your daily life to create positive changes. Each session provides profound self-realizations, emotional diffusion and practical guidance forward so you can create success for yourself.



What Modalities Does Marion Use?


With 35+ years of training in over 15 different holistic modalities, sessions with Marion include a wide integration of expertise. Her speciality is releasing information from cellular memory, which often calls upon One Brain™️ techniques. However, she may also include: Past Life Regression, Reiki, Cranio Sacral, Emotional Stress Diffusion, Therapeutic Touch, or other methods as are necessary. 



Let's Get Moving!

There Is No Time To Waste If You've Been Struggling Or Are In Pain


If you are ready to take charge of your life in new ways, to move beyond your own obstacles and be responsible for yourself - Don’t wait another second to start, contact Marion now to schedule a session.


email:  or call: 267-884-4034


Serving Bucks & Montgomery County, PA.

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