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"Out of every adversity comes a blessing." ~ Marion McGowen


Marion has been a student and practitioner of complementary health care since 1978. Through her personal healing journey, Marion became convinced of the need, and the ability to let go of past issues in order to move forward with confidence into the future. This is her focus in working with others who wish to do the same. Her objective is to utilize 35+ years of experience in the Holistic healing field to create a safe and secure foundation where individuals can shift old school patterns of belief into new ones - whereby Transcending Paradigms was founded.

Marion McGowen is COO - Chief Overcomer of Obstacles.



My Story


After suffering for 20 years with severe migraine headaches and no traditional medicine was working, I found myself in the hospital. During that time I discovered the problem was not my debilitating headaches, it was the internal suppression of all my needs, wants and desires combined with an inability to express myself. I had suppressed it all within me and now it was screaming for attention. By working to diffuse the long-standing emotional trauma I was still carrying, not only did my headaches subside, I was able to take charge of my life in a new way. 


I bought my own car, learned how to drive, got a job and began working in the hospitality industry until eventually I created a state-licensed private trade school for bar tending and restaurant management. As life continued, so did various obstacles and challenges. What changed wasn’t that life stopped happening, or that I lived in a bubble free from pain, heartache, heartbreak and loss - instead I chose to actively do something about the trauma I experienced. After losing my daughter to a sudden heart attack, I could have withered up, withdrawn from life and hid but I didn’t. I picked myself up, dusted myself off and began one moment at a time, one day at a time and continued on. 


I’ve experienced the loss of two daughters, two sisters, witnessed drug addiction in close family members and still found a way to keep my head up. I learned how to survive in life by simply looking for a blessing in every adversity that I faced. My skill set isn’t based on my 35+ years of training, it’s predicated on a natural ability to assess circumstances, analyze problems, get to the heart of the matter and take charge. I am a very direct, straight-shooter, who is authentic, honest and has a heart of gold. There is no time to waste when you’ve been struggling or are in pain. If you are ready to take charge of your life in new ways, to move beyond your own obstacles and be responsible for yourself - don’t wait another second to start, contact me now to schedule a session. 


Marion's Credentials



Dale Carnegie Institute  1977


Center for Human Integration

  • Therapeutic Touch  1985
  • Reflexology  1989
  • Touch for Health  1991

Up Ledger Institute

  • Cranial Sacral Therapy  Level 1 and Level 2  1991
  • Somato Emotional Relief  Level 1 and Level 2  1992
  • Process Acupressure  Level 1 and Level 2
    with Aminah Raheem PhD  1996-97
  • Subtle Energy as a Therapeutic Instrument
    with International Alliance of Health Care Educators  1997

Registered Certified Hypnotherapist with Evelyn Isadore  1985


Reiki attunement by Ethel Lombardi  1986


One Brain™ Certified Facilitator Teacher  1989

after completing Six Levels of One Brain™ with Gordon Stokes


Reiki Master Teacher with Hannalore Goodwin  1995


Ordained nondenominational Interfaith Minister

from Circle of Miracles School of Ministries  2004




Union Hypnotherapist / Local No. 476 198   1985


Private Trade School / Director  1988


Professional Nurse Healers  1991

trained with Dora Kunz and Dolores Krieger


Mind Body Wellness Center / Staff Practitioner  1993-96


Upledger Institute / Teaching Assistant  2001


Life Spectrums Conference

One of the original organizations that brought alternative energy pioneers to mainstream consciousness. Former presenters include Deepak Chopra, Joan Borysenko, Jean Houston and Alan Cohen.

Served in multiple capacities for this organization, beginning in 1985 and culminating with an 11 year tenure as a member of the Board of Directors, which included 5 years as Chair of the Board.


email: Marion@TranscendingParadigms.com  or call: 267-884-4034


Serving Bucks & Montgomery County, PA.

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