When traditional approaches aren't enough, it's time to learn about Transcending Paradigms!

Innovative and out-of-the-box solutions to any obstacles.

Welcome to Transcending Paradigms

Sometimes the best solutions are unconvential because what we know just isn't enough. At Transcending Paradigms all of our services break free from traditional thought patterns to pioneer new paths forward.

Hi, I'm Marion McGowen, COO - Chief Overcomer of Obstacles. When traditional approaches were unable to end my debilitating migraines, I sought complementary healing modalities. After 35+ years of training in more than 15 different types of alternative healing methods I integrate all that knowledge into my wide array of services. With a non-judgmental approach to all circumstances becoming a non-denominational minister was a natural fit so the integrity of my belief systems to Transcend Paradigms could continue through funeral services, marriage ceremonies and baby naming celebrations. 

 With an overflowing toolbox, at Transcending Paradigms you will learn how to move forward in an empowering way as old patterns end creating an open road of possibility. You just need to start. 



Learn how to transcend your current paradigms - Don’t wait another second to START.




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